Performance Groups of 2019

Bloemfontein Children's Choir

Bloemfontein Children’s Choir, hailing from South Africa, are one of the choirs participating in this year’s festival. They have previously participated in international festivals/competitions in Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Belgium.

The Bloemfontein Children’s Choir and the Stirling Bridge International Arts Festival share similar values by encouraging individuals to enrich their lives through music and international experiences. We are very excited to welcome the Choir to Scotland, and participate in this year’s festival.

The choir strives to give the children not only a rich musical education, but to educate and nurture them through cultural experiences and developing essential life skills.

Bloemfontein Children's Choir

Lethbridge Community Band

The Lethbridge Community Band’s mission statement expresses their commitment to the prospect of enriching the quality of life in the City of Lethbridge and the surrounding area through promoting the study and performance of instrumental music, with special emphasis on literature of the concert band and various forms of ensemble music commonly written for woodwind, brass wind and percussion instruments.

Formed in 1987 to fill a void in the Lethbridge music scene, the Community Band has continued to flourish by providing a learning and performance outlet for brass, woodwind and percussion players of all ages.   Since its inception, the society has grown to become a valued cultural asset of Southern Alberta, Canada.

Comprising of three ensembles in the LCBS, the Stirling Bridge International Arts Festival is fortunate to be joined  by the Silver and Gold Lethbridge Community Bands in July 2019.

We are delighted to have the Lethbridge Community Band join us all the way from Canada this year.

Lethbridge Community Band

The Satin Strings

The Satin Strings are an elite ensemble whose members are selected from the Permian Orchestra by competitive audition. Since inception in 1988, The Satin Strings have received sweepstakes every year at the UIL Concert & Sight-reading Contest, for 30 years.

This group of highly motivated musicians performs as a community service organisation promoting the fine arts throughout West Texas. The group also represent Permian High School at various festivals and competitions, nationally and internationally, including France, Italy, Ireland, and Mexico.

We are ecstatic to introduce this young, talented performance group to Scotland, and have them join us at the Stirling Bridge International Arts Festival.

Vancouver Island Choir

The Vancouver Island Chamber Choir consists of singers living on Vancouver Island who are dedicated to rehearsing and performing quality choral music from around the world that represents a variety of musical periods and styles and is distinguished for its artistic excellence.

The Vancouver Island Choir was founded by a small group of dedicated choristers with a passion for exploring excellent quality music in. an intimate setting. Many of the choir’s singers are music educators from the surrounding area.

The choir are devoted to performing and travelling throughout the country; we are very excited to have them with us this July, as we celebrate our fourth Stirling Bridge International Arts Festival.


Touring Chorale of the British Columbia Boys Choir

Founded in 1968, the British Columbia Boys Choir has had four artistic directors: Founder Donald Forbes, Gerald van Wyck, Tony Araujo, and currently Edette Gagné. Under their direction the Choir represented Canada around the globe as singing ambassadors in the Netherlands, the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Asia.

The British Columbia Boys Choir is a four-part secular boys choir, one of the few in North America. Over its 50 year history the Choir has trained over 1000 members who have represented Canada on 35 international tours performing a demanding repertoire spanning centuries, from Georgian chant to contemporary works. Programmes frequently include sacred and secular works, selections from musicals and opera, folk songs from around the world, and an assortment of Canadian songs; many specifically composed for the Choir.

Edinburgh Highland Reel & Strathspey Society

The EHRSS are a group who enjoy making music together and want others to share this enjoyment. The society is inclusive of all ages; with members ranging from teens to those in their eighties.

The Society was formed over 100 years ago by a group of people who wanted to foster the playing of traditional Scottish music.  Their aim today is very much the same.

Southside Fiddlers

The Southside Fiddlers started back in 2002 when Louise Hunter started her first class with a few local children. Over the years it has grown and now almost 100 children are learning as part of the fiddle school. 

There are a variety of group classes, one to one lessons, concerts, performances, day trips, residential trips, visits to festivals and holiday camps.

Fiddlers learn Irish and Scottish traditional music and prepare for exams and competitions.

This young, talented group of musicians join the international performance groups for the Glasgow event of the Stirling Bridge International Arts Festival.


What our previous participants have said

Thank you for all your hard work to give so many performance opportunities to our members - you have created memories for a lifetime!
We are still trying to come to grips with all that we experienced in Scotland. We cannot thank you enough... Scotland is an incredibly beautiful, magical place with a postcard picture around every corner
Everything was so well organised. We were pleasantly surprised by the amazing places to perform, the delicious food, the cosy place to sleep and the beautiful places we visited!

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